The New Hundred Year War

Current events – the airplane crash in Egypt, the attacks on Beirut and Paris – are forcing our attention on ISIS.  Who are they?  What do they want?

They are religious zealots who arose from the ashes of the Iraq war, and the rebellion in Syria.  They now occupy more land than the United Kingdom.

The leader of ISIS has declared himself the Caliph, and the land he holds a Caliphate.  He has created a religious state that enforces Sharia law – a terrible intolerant law with executions and mutilations for minor crimes.

He has manipulated the symbols of his religion in ways that resonate with gullible young muslims around the world, and has drawn them to his cause.

This radical Islamic group has a very narrow view of the world, with no place for those who disagree.  These are devoutly religious fanatics who hate everything we in the United States stand for.

It’s hard for us to understand such zealotry.  We live in a world of tolerance and religious freedom.  These people do not, and they do not want to allow us to keep our freedom.

Make no mistake – This is not a political issue.  It is a survival issue. They are our sworn enemy and want to kill us.

They have attacked our allies and tried to attack us, and will keep trying.

And there is nothing we can do to change that, because a confrontation with the West is a religious imperative for them.  It’s what they want.

One of their goals is to bring about a religious apocalypse. They want a fight with us, and will not stop their attacks until they get it.  They want our boots on the ground.

If we do not stop them now those boots will hold the feet of our children and grandchildren, but we see no choice.  ISIS is bringing the war to us, and we fight or we die.


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