Pillow Talk

Melissa Carr must be quite a woman, one on a par with the former Lynda Reis Sanford (now Wilcox).  In the words of one of my favorite writers, she’s a woman to ride the river with.  I’ve never met Melissa Carr, or her husband Andy.  He’s a retired Texas game warden from Lubbock, and he’s a fine poet who publishes on Facebook.  He’s given me permission to repost one of his poems.  It’s good advice in the finest Cowboy Poetry tradition, and I suggest my sons and sons in law, and potential sons in law, read it and heed.  Here it is:

Pillow Talk

Yesterday I sent birthday wishes, to a dear sweet lady friend,
Got to thinkin’ ’bout her husband, and some meetin’s we used to attend.

He’s a natural born good leader, was my very first thought,
Now that I know him better, I realize my thoughts were for naught.

As a cop I have to analyze, the friends with which I hang,
I know for sure without her, he wouldn’t be worth a dang.

As a married man I know, how far along we men would be,
Without sweet pillow talk, we’d all be hangin’ from a tree.

Don’t get me wrong he’s smooth, but look how long it’s been,
She’s been sandin’ on his rough edges, since God only knows when.

They made me think of we men, so big, so strong, so tall,
Without pillow talk from our ladies, society would take a big fall.

So men when you’re shoppin’ around, look for a good polished spouse,
To knock off all your rough edges, and sweeten up your house.

Pick one that’s very patient, and very forgiving that’s a must,
Full of true love and sweetness, and never ever betray her trust.

If you pick a thoroughbred, she’ll never become a nag,
You can walk with head held high, and saunter with a little swag.

Be sure she knows she’s loved, tell her in so many ways,
You’ll have heaven right here on earth, for all your lifelong days.

Andy G. Carr. Copyright 04/13/16
Copying & sharing on Facebook is appreciated!

Thanks Andy!

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