California Ordered to Stop Spraying?

California has done it again: A judge there bowed to the fake science of environmental groups and has ordered the state to stop spraying pesticides on public lands. According to an article in the LA Times, the ruling throws “a substantial hurdle in front of efforts by the state Department of Food and Agriculture to control dozens of crop-damaging pests.” This includes efforts to control the dangerous disease HLB which is threatening the citrus industry worldwide.

Private citizens will still be able to use chemical insecticides on their property, but the state will have to use non-chemical means of pest control.

The order was issued as an injunction written by state superior court judge Timothy Frawley in Sacramento. He found in favor of a coalition of environmental activists – 11 nonprofit groups and the city of Berkeley.

The plaintiffs said that the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s research into harmful effects was grossly inadequate. I think this might come as a big surprise to anyone who has dealt with the CDFA, an agency that has regulated pesticides almost off the shelves entirely in California.

Yet, in spite of the fact that CDFA has always had some of the toughest rules in the country, the court’s order voids approval of the it’s pest control programs statewide. The court asserts numerous violations of state environmental laws, including “unsupported assumptions and speculation” and a”woefully deficient” analysis of the pesticide dangers.

I’m sorry, but I can’t believe that the most regulated state in the country is doing what this lawsuit alleges.

Apparently these people seem think it is more important to save harmful pests than it is to provide healthy food. Someone needs to tell these environmental groups that there’s a dangerous chemical out there – dihydrogen Oxide – which is collected by the state and fed to all those fish in the delta. This Dihydrogen Oxide – or H2O, as some call it – must be a carcinogen, or maybe a carcinogen carrier, as everyone who has cancer of any form has consumed H2O. Maybe they should then sue the state to stop feeding this dangerous substance to the delta fish and let us dispose of it on those horrible farms in the central valley.


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