Could Farmers End Climate Change?

Cap-and-Trade was a controversial program invented some years ago as a way for big polluters to offset the damage done by their pollution. It’s had its problems being implemented, but It has also had some success in reducing carbon pollution. It works like this: the government sets how much pollution a company can release. If …

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More Regs and Taxes on Farmers

Every business person in California is painfully aware of the cost of doing business in such a highly regulated state, and the appearance that some state agencies have a strong bias against agriculture just adds to the pain.  This last year, the state made things even worse when they added a slew of costly new …

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Harvest Hosts bring visitors to the farm

  If you are a grower or vintner with a retail outlet on your property, or if you are thinking about selling directly to the public, here’s something that may help you reach a new market. A company called Harvest Hosts is a membership program that connects RV owners with farmers, wineries, and museums around …

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