Could Farmers End Climate Change?

Cap-and-Trade was a controversial program invented some years ago as a way for big polluters to offset the damage done by their pollution. It’s had its problems being implemented, but It has also had some success in reducing carbon pollution. It works like this: the government sets how much pollution a company can release. If …

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Farming Has a Long History in the West

  The mysterious cliff dwellings in the American southwest are fascinating places. They are historical registers that teach us just a little of ancient times, of people who were farming here long before Columbus.  The people who lived here are the true founders of American agriculture. Some of these dwellings are very remote. A few, …

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Central Valley Habitat Exchange

Over the last 150 years, more than 95 percent of the natural habitat in California’s Central Valley has been replaced by farms and ranches. As a result, native wildlife populations have declined. Today, California has the challenge of recovering these species, and the ecosystems on which they depend, while maintaining productive agricultural lands. The Environmental …

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