Write an Essay, Win a Farm!

  It’s a part of the American dream, it seems, to be self sufficient, to live off the land on a place out in the country. Lots of folks dream about being a farmer, including a lot of us who write or talk about it. But it takes real money and real commitment, and if …

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Drought Busted?

After all these years of drought, it’s strange to hear the dire forecasts of the last week - the words ‘atmospheric river’ create a powerful mental image of a flood of rain flowing up from the south Pacific. It’s a so much better of a phrase than ‘Pineapple Express’, which sounds to me like a train owned and operated by the Del Monte corporation.

Hi-Tech Pulsed Irrigation Saves the Farm

  Last month I got to meet a couple of Madera county almond growers who overcame adversity in a big way. To Tom and Dan Rogers the drought was more than a business problem - it was a catastrophe when one of their two wells went dry and there were no well drillers available. they …

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Hemp: to Grow or Not to Grow?

Hemp has been in the news a lot lately, and with the push to legalize Marijuana there’s a related effort to remove the restrictions on growing Hemp.  That’s because Marijuana and Hemp are close cousins - but Hemp is missing the psychoactive ingredient THC and unlike cousin Mary Jane, you won’t get high no matter …

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