Editor's note:  I'heading for North Dakota today, which brought all this up... When I was young, my folks would take us to visit my aunt and uncle on their Ranch in Wyoming. They had a marvelous old house with a steep roof and whitewashed wood siding. It was huge and warm and always filled with …

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Farming Has a Long History in the West

  The mysterious cliff dwellings in the American southwest are fascinating places. They are historical registers that teach us just a little of ancient times, of people who were farming here long before Columbus.  The people who lived here are the true founders of American agriculture. Some of these dwellings are very remote. A few, …

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The California Trail

If you’re driving to or from California this summer, you’re following one of the great wagon trails left by our forefathers.  Consider taking a little time along the way to learn about the route and the intrepid travelers that built this nation.   Most of the California emigrants took the northern route from St. Louis …

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